Illinois Tag Help Sheet:
P.O. Box 218
Pleasant Hill, Illinois 62366
Lodge: 217-734-2205
On line Tag Help Sheet

Starting this year (2008) all hunters are required to get their own hunting license
and permits. Please follow the directions below and if you have questions call us at
217-734-2205 or the DNR at 217-782-6302.

Archery permits will be available June 1st

Non Resident Combo Archery Deer Permit (either-sex and antlerless only) is $400

Firearm and Muzzleloader Permits should be available in July and the deadline is
August 14th.

The cost of an Illinois Non-Resident Combo Firearm Deer Permit is $315.

The cost of an Illinois Non-Resident Combo Muzzleloader only deer permit is $265.

Gun hunters will need to choose Calhoun County.

Log onto or call 1-888-673-7648

Click on the feature on the right side of screen marked "Hunting":
Scroll down to the section that says Deer Non-Resident Applications if you are
from out of state or Deer Resident Applications for Illinois Hunters.
Find the tap marked 2008 Non Resident Archery Deer Permit Application or the
tap for 2008 Non Resident Firearm and Muzzleloader Deer applications.

You will need you the following information to apply:
•        Full name
•        Address
•        Social Security Number
•        Date of Birth
•        Drivers License Number
•        Eye Color, Hair Color, Weight
•        Phone Number
•        Email address is optional
•        Credit card information

If you have a fully guided hunt you have the option to choose a 5 day license or an
annual, but if you are a semi guided hunt you will have to choose the annual license
or you will not be able to hunt the 5-1/2 days.

The 5 day license is $28.75 and the annual license is $50.75.

You will also need a habitat stamp and the cost is $5.50.

There will be a question about hunting with an outfitter and you need to mark it yes
and then a drop down menu will come up.

Scroll down thru the list and find Rodhouse Rut-N-Strut.

Your permit should be mailed to you within 7 to 10 business days.
Rodhouse Rut-N-Strut
Rodhouse Lodge        Rut-N-Strut        Pike County, Illinois        WhiteTail Outfitters